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The temperatures are up, so it’s the perfect time to try out some new summer cocktail recipes. When the weather gets hot, we’re looking for lighter and brighter drinks that are full of fruity flavors, fizz, and maybe even a little bit of spicy heat to mix things up (looking at you, spicy rosé). Whether you’re a drinks aficionado already or you’re still figuring out your faves, the good news is there’s always room to try new things — and that’s where this list of summer cocktails comes in.

We’ve put together a bucket list of delicious and refreshing summer cocktails to try when you’re up for something new, with brand-new ideas alongside new twists on old favorites — from margaritas and piña coladas to frosé. We rounded up 25 drink recipes using all different spirits, so there’s something for you whether you’re craving a summer cocktail with vodka, gin, bourbon, or tequila. Keep reading to see our picks for the season, and see how many of them you check off the list!

Do you think you may suffer from Insomnia and live in Florida, California or New York?

If so, please consider scheduling a proper virtual online Insomnia and Anxiety diagnosis with one of our physicians. Although we have an online ADHD and Anxiety diagnosis tool, a proper diagnosis from a Board-Certified Medical Doctor will help you know for sure. If appropriate, a customized treatment program will be recommended at the conclusion of that initial visit.

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