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Not all Telemedicine Treatment Programs are Created Equal.

General Frequently Asked Questions

This is about You being who you were designed to be.

Living a full and rich life, filled with settings goals and achieving them by treating your ADHD / ADD disorders.

General FAQs

I feel like I want to harm or kill myself, can you help me?
Please immediately dial 911 for help. Physicians NOW is not equipped to treat patients who are in crisis or in the midst of an emergency.
Do I need a Florida address for you to treat me?
Currently, our physicians and psychologists may only treat Florida or New York part and full year residents, but keep checking back as we plan to expand into other states.
I am a Florida or New York resident, but I am traveling right now. Can the doctor see me?
Yes, as long as you have a valid Florida or New York address, the doctor can see you regardless of where you happen to be. Our doctors and can prescribe most medications to 95% of pharmacies in the US.
I haven't heard of face to face telemedicine before; do patients like it as much as in person visits with their doctor?
Yes! Telemedicine or telehealth has been growing and evolving for years. Studies have shown that patients rate telemedicine for emotional issues as good or better than the traditional in-office experience.
How does it all work?
When you make an appointment, you can select the doctor you want to see based on their availability. When it’s time for your appointment, you can visit with the doctor face to face live online, similar to FaceTime or Skype but with military grade security to protect your privacy. The experience will be the same as if you were literally sitting in front of the doctor at his/her office.
Can I see the doctor from any place where I feel comfortable?
As long as you are in a quiet place and have a good internet connection, you can see the doctor from almost anywhere. It’s all about where you feel comfortable; the possibilities are endless.

Note that for your safety, the doctor will dismiss you if you attempt to have a visit while operating a motor vehicle or other dangerous machinery.

Do I need any special expensive videoconferencing or medical equipment?
No, our system works with what you already have. All you need is a typical internet connected smart-phone, tablet, or a computer with a camera and mic. In general, if your equipment is under five years old, you should be good to go.​
Can I see the same doctor every time?
We want you to have a great professional bond with your doctor, so we encourage you to see the same doctor each visit. Since appointments are based on availability, we will automatically book you a follow up appointment shortly after you complete each visit.

You will be able to see that appointment on your portal (and the app) and you will also receive an email confirmation.

Can you treat me for all of my medical needs or a complex psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia?
Our scope of practice is limited to the assessment and treatment of common behavioral health issues, specifically.. 1) Anxiety 2) Adult ADD/ADHD, 3) Depression, 4) Insomnia, and 5) Tobacco Cessation.
Can you treat my son or daughter?
Only if your son or daughter is at least 18 years of age and a Florida resident. We currently do not treat minors even with parental consent. ​
Can you treat me for all of my medical needs or a complex psychiatric disorder like schizophrenia?
Our scope of practice is limited to the assessment and treatment of common behavioral health issues, specifically.. 1) Anxiety 2) Adult ADD/ADHD, 3) Depression, 4) Insomnia, and 5) Tobacco Cessation.
You text me appointment reminders. Can I reply and ask you questions?
To protect your privacy, we do not discuss medical issues by text. If you text a medical or treatment related question, you will likely receive a response requesting that you call us.

If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, you can cancel or reschedule it online or by emailing [email protected]

Do you have a patient portal to send documents back and forth privately?
Yes, If you login here from a web browser on a PC or Mac, you can upload documents to us or download documents that we uploaded for you.
Why do you call me back when I email you a medical question?
We want to ensure your privacy. Email can be easilly compromised and we want to be sure we are talking to our patient and not someone who took control of your computer. To secure your privacy, we suggest that you do not email medical questions.
I need to speak to someone-what are your office hours?
We are in the office and answer phones from 9AM-6PM ET on weekdays. At all other times including weekends and holidays, you may leave us a voicemail message. We will typically get back to you on the next business day for routine matters.

Note that if you are having a medical emergency, you should immediately call 911 for help.

Speak to the Doctor Today!  The Process is Simple.

Our doctors are expert at treating adults with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other common emotional issues.

Three Easy Steps

Register, Create and Activate Your Patient Profile

Getting started with diagnosis and treatment is fast and easy.  We’ll guide you every step of the way on your path to recovery.

Cost: Free


Initial Consult, Diagnosis & Treatment

First visit!  Consult, diagnosis and treatment with your doctor (not a PA or NP).  No waiting for that second visit to properly diagnose and treat ADHD / ADD.

Cost: $249 one time

Monthly Check-Ins

Live, in-person video exams with your doctor, not just form or text-based check-ins, which are common with other solutions. We believe this personal live connection is critical to ensuring optimal treatment collaboration between you and your doctor.
Cost: $149 + medication(s)

See What Our Patients Are Saying.

I've been using this service for my mental health prescriptions since 2020 and it's always been a seamless pleasant experience. Dr hannum is great!!
Joie is one of the girls managing communications, scheduling and helps resolve any issues that might arrise. She cares so much about people it is easy to see. The doctors will always make themselves available to assist their patients with their needs as well.
Dr. Hannum is great
I had a good experience with Physicians Now. Dr. Hannum was my doctor, he conducted an online consultation and provided me with an ESA (emotional Support Animal) recommendation letter, thru his assistant. Making an appointment thru their website, providing documents if desired, and having the video call is supper easy. I recommend.
Thank you Dr Hannum and staff. A wonderful experience and I am finally able to get help. This program makes seeing a doctor easy for someone as busy as me!

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