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ESA Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a doctor give me an ESA or service dog letter for my landlord or HOA?
If appropriate, our providers will issue such a letter.
Does an ESA letter guarantee that my landlord will accept the animal?
In general yes, but we can’t guarantee that someone else will follow the law.
Where can I learn more about the rules and laws about service dogs and ESA?
Michigan State University has a great FAQ here.
I noticed a number of internet sites that sell these letters without a doctor's visit and for less money. Why do you require a face to face visit?
ESA letters are often subject to scrutiny by landlords, HOAs and others. Most of these internet sites issue ESA letters based solely on a questionnaire and often from an out of state provider.

If our practitioner elects to issue and ESA letter, it will be based upon a live face to face evaluation from a licensed psychologist or physician, not an online questionnaire.

This should give you peace of mind that the letter will be properly honored.

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Finally got an amazing person on the phone who really follows through and sees the job to the end. Thanks a million Lynn. You are the people that keeps people coming back.
Lynn went ABOVE and BEYOND customer service. Very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!!! Thanks so much.
Couldn’t be happier with my experience
I've been using this service for my mental health prescriptions since 2020 and it's always been a seamless pleasant experience. Dr hannum is great!!
Joie is one of the girls managing communications, scheduling and helps resolve any issues that might arrise. She cares so much about people it is easy to see. The doctors will always make themselves available to assist their patients with their needs as well.
Dr. Hannum is great
I had a good experience with Physicians Now. Dr. Hannum was my doctor, he conducted an online consultation and provided me with an ESA (emotional Support Animal) recommendation letter, thru his assistant. Making an appointment thru their website, providing documents if desired, and having the video call is supper easy. I recommend.
Thank you Dr Hannum and staff. A wonderful experience and I am finally able to get help. This program makes seeing a doctor easy for someone as busy as me!

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