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The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) confirmed there have been a number of interruptions in the supply of medicines for ADHD notified to the watchdog. It has been the subject of significant engagement across the health service.

“The HPRA, in partnership with the Department of Health and the HSE are actively working with stakeholders, including the pharmaceutical industry, wholesalers, and the medical and pharmacy regulators, to monitor the supply of ADHD medicines to Ireland,” a spokesperson said.

Ken Kilbride, chief executive of ADHD Ireland, warned that families and adults with ADHD have faced numerous shortages of various medications over the past six months.

“This is a situation which has come with little warning or planning for alternative treatments. This is now causing serious impacts and we call on the various stakeholders in the supply and delivery of this vital treatment to work together to resolve this ongoing situation,” he said.

The HPRA said all parties were focused on pre-empting and responding to any potential impacts on medicines supply.

“For some products, while an individual strength may be in short supply, suitable alternatives should be available. Where a shortage cannot be prevented, we aim to provide useful information to healthcare professionals and patients, in particular in the cases where the suitable alternatives available are limited,” it said.

Takeda, the company that puts Tyvense 60mg capsules on the market, notified the HPRA of recent shortages of this product due to a manufacturing delay, with multiple countries affected.

Supply of Tyvense 60mg capsules in Ireland will resume the week starting June 10. There are a number of alternative strengths available.

Accord healthcare, which supplies Atomoxetine, notified the HPRA of shortages of 40mg, 60mg, 80mg and 100mg hard capsules due to an unexpected increase in demand, affecting multiple markets. Supply was due to resume at the start this month.

The company that puts Ritalin LA 40mg prolonged-release capsules on the market told the HPRA of an upcoming shortage due to a manufacturing delay, affecting Ireland. The shortage was expected to begin this week and the company anticipates resupply on June 24. There are a number of alternative products currently available.

Alternative medicines are authorised for the treatment of ADHD and in the event that patients or their carers are unable to source a medicine, they are advised to discuss possible alternatives with their doctor, the HPRA said.

Sandra Gannon of Azure Pharmacueticals, which produced a medicines’ shortage tracker for various treatments last year, said the problem had “not gone away and cannot be wished away”.

Other countries had taken measures including increasing price and stock-piling supplies of critical medicines, she said.

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