The Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC: Your Concierge Telehealth Doctor for the Diagnosis and Treatment

Scheduling with the Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC is as Easy as 1,2,3…

Are you struggling to focus on day-to-day tasks? Do you find yourself easily distracted and overwhelmed? If so, you may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The good news is that there are doctors who specialize in treating ADHD, and Physicians Now makes it easy for you to find the very Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC. 

95% Treatment Success

Online Appointments Available Anywhere in New York!

The Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC: Your Concierge Telehealth Doctors for the Diagnosis and Treatment

Scheduling with the Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC is as Easy as 1,2,3…

Are you struggling to focus on day-to-day tasks? Do you find yourself easily distracted and overwhelmed? If so, you may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The good news is that there are doctors who specialize in treating ADHD, and Physicians Now makes it easy for you to find the very Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC. 

95% Treatment Success

Online Appointments Available Anywhere in New York!

Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC

Our medical team prides themselves on achieving the best outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Treatment Success

95% of patients agree, or strongly agree, that treating their ADHD made a positive overall impact in their lives. 


Patient Satisfaction

95% of our patients rate their overall satisfaction as very good or excellent.

Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC

Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC

The Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC

See a Doctor Today for Just $249 $199!

The Physicians NOW Difference

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The Treatment Roadmap

The Best ADHD Specialist Near You NYC

1. Sign up, create your patient portal account, provide your medical history and schedule your first appointment with the doctor.

Getting started with diagnosis and treatment is fast and easy. We’ll guide you every step of the way on your treatment journey.

2. Attend Your First Consult

Consult, diagnosis and treatment with your doctor (not a PA or NP). No waiting for that second visit to properly diagnose and treat.

3. Follow up with your doctor at regular intervals

Live, in-person video exams with your doctor to discus treatment progress and adjust medications for best results.

Patient Testimonials

Amazing doctor. Very kind and helpful
I’ve been using Physicians Now for the last 6 months or so and have a great experience. I was leery about getting ADHD treatment via telemedicine BUT the process has been really smooth and surprisingly helpful. The doctors are very knowledgeable and have even offered different tweaks to my prescription to help me maintain a solid work/life... balance. Every month I meet with her and she asks me really great questions about my treatment, following up on previous appointments. It’s really a nice experience and I’m really glad I decided to start working with them. I 100% recommend this company and hope they continue to thrive in the digital space and our new, “telemedicined” more
Well what more can I say but woman in charge has been like my knight in shining armor helping me out with my pharmacy.Complete professionalism, and shows me physicians now has a dedication to its patients.happy and lucky to be their patient.
Always a good experience quick friendly caring
Ever since I switched providers over a year ago, I couldn’t be more happier to have Dr. Hannum as my doctor. He is very passionate, considerate, punctual, and tailors to my mental health needs. I have never had any difficulties with rescheduling or canceling appointments and he always has availability that fits my work schedule. Dr. Hannums... assistants are very professional and always respond quickly if there is ever an issue pertaining to a prescription, scheduling visits, or any other concerns I may have. Thank you Physicians Now for all you do!read more
The best experience with saving time where I live doctors offices are slammed physicians now easy in and easy out, etc.. The girls in the office are super as soon as I have a question I email or call and they handle it quickly. Awesome service.
Great Staff and Excellent Dr. Care. They truly show great knowledge and experience with their patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a great Dr.
Dr Hannum,is easy to talk with.Dr Hannum has always been there when I needed. Dr nurse is kind and Courteous. She Return phone calls in a timely manner.
Physicians Now connected me with Dr. Hannum and he has been not only been understanding, helpful, and knowledgeable but also reliable, which is huge when it comes to healthcare.
I have been with this practice for 3 years & recommend them to all my family and friends!
Dr. Hannum is a an amazing doctor! Super kind and friendly. Makes it comfortable even when it’s a difficult subject to talk about. No judgment, and the staff is just as hospitable. Same-day scheduling as appointments, sometimes minutes before! Hands-down, best doctors experience I’ve ever had!
This office and its staff are absolutely amazing. Dr Hannum is the only doctor to listen to my needs and hear me out from previous experiences, and treated me WAY better than anyone else has been able to. I've been a patient for 2 years now and I refuse to go elsewhere.
When I lost my insurance, I was extremely concerned how I would find help and also afford it. Lynn and Dr. Z are the answer. Lynn made the process to register and complete my first visit seamless and without me missing any of my scheduled RX’s. Dr. Z. Takes her time and really helps your mental health at every stage I have been in. I have never... had a canceled appointment nor have any of my appointments started late. Thank you for being here for more
Great experience with this Dr! He is timely and very professional. He listens to what you have to say and validates how you feel. He also does his research and has cited a few studies during our visits! I would definitely recommend Dr. Hannum for your medical needs. The process is smooth and straightforward. Thanks again! I will definitely return... to Dr. Hannum again for more
Dr Hannum is great! I’ve been a member of Physicians Now for almost 6 years and I never plan on changing! Support staff is very knowledgeable and friendly if you need help with your profile or meds!
Professional, Competent, Easy, efficient and quick. Send your patients here 👍
Best doctor and best assistant I’ve ever dealt with. They handled me and all my needs professionally and didn’t treat me like I was a drug addict like most doctors are doing nowadays. I am in such love with this doctor she is the greatest. And her assistant is the best.
Dr. Hannum and Lynn are excellent. Always a variety of available appointment times, prompt and helpful response to any questions or issues with every step of the telehealth process that I have had arise- from insurance to pharmacy. I appreciate having this provider/staff and service as part of my healthcare team.
Always a pleasure to work with
Dr. Z and Lynn go above and beyond for their patients.At the drop of a dime/Last minute, I had to have some rearrangements and they were willing and wanting to make it happen without any complaints or push backs.I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.
Great and convenient service to get the help I need 💯
They are always available when I need them quick and easy schedules and appointments
For years, I feared getting treatment because my condition is stigmatized. Physicians Now and Dr. Zelikovsky helped me feel normal for the first time ever. Thank you. ❤️
I've been using this service for my mental health prescriptions since 2020 and it's always been a seamless pleasant experience. Dr hannum is great!!
Lynn was super nice and extremely helpful in addressing my issue. She went above and aboard the normal response given by an employee 🥰
One of the best experiences I’ve had with a Dr office. The online visit was the way to go. For starters, Lynn is a bright and shining star! She got me to the Doctor I needed to see. She’s super sweet and easy to talk to. Dr Z was excellent, she cared about my issues and got me on the right track. The Customer service is beyond excellent. I highly... suggest this office to anyone!read more
I would give more stars if I could,Dr.McConnell & Ms.Lynn are the most amazing team,I can say without them my life wouldn’t be the same.Lynn is the most pleasant person and does her job and then some.So happy to have her,as for Dr.McConnell he has saved my quality of life and is the best Doctor I have had the pleasure of knowing.Thank you guys for... all you do 🙏💜🌼read more
Finally got an amazing person on the phone who really follows through and sees the job to the end. Thanks a million Lynn. You are the people that keeps people coming back.
Lynn went ABOVE and BEYOND customer service. Very friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful!!! Thanks so much.
Couldn’t be happier with my experience
Joie is one of the girls managing communications, scheduling and helps resolve any issues that might arrise. She cares so much about people it is easy to see. The doctors will always make themselves available to assist their patients with their needs as well.
Dr. Hannum is great
I had a good experience with Physicians Now. Dr. Hannum was my doctor, he conducted an online consultation and provided me with an ESA (emotional Support Animal) recommendation letter, thru his assistant. Making an appointment thru their website, providing documents if desired, and having the video call is supper easy. I recommend.
Thank you Dr Hannum and staff. A wonderful experience and I am finally able to get help. This program makes seeing a doctor easy for someone as busy as me!

Learn more about our service.

How does it all work?

When you make an appointment, you can select the doctor you want to see based on their availability. We will collect some medical history and identification from you prior to your first visit.  When it’s time for your appointment, you can visit with the doctor face to face live online, like FaceTime or Skype but with military grade security to protect your privacy. The experience will be the same as if you were literally sitting in front of the doctor at his/her office.

Can I see the same doctor every time?

We want you to have a great professional bond with your doctor, so barring an urgent situation, we will always schedule follow up consults with your doctor.

What is your fee schedule?

Your first consult is $249 and all follow ups are just $149.  Payments are accepted immediately prior to your consult.  We accept all major credit cards including flexible spending accounts.  

What is the cost?

Traditional, in person psychiatry appointments on average are $400+/hr.

Our initial appointment costs $199. Since our providers review your information and study your medical history ahead of time, it will last only 30 minutes. The initial appointment is meant for listening to you, crafting a treatment plan together, and reviewing your goals. We don’t waste your time.

After the initial appointment, our membership is just $79/mo. The membership includes follow-up appointments, 24/7 access to our care team and convenient online prescription renewals. Even if you don’t require an appointment each month, our providers will still review your medical history and progress with your treatment in order to issue a new prescription.

Treatment costs are not included in these prices. Out of pocket costs for the treatment (without insurance) range from $40-80/mo. With insurance, it would only be the copay amount.

We currently do not accept insurance for appointments, but we do offer out-of-network insurance support.

Which insurance do you accept?

We do not accept insurance at this time, but we can provide a bill and consult report that you may submit for out of network reimbursement.

Can your physicians prescribe medications for me?

Our doctors can prescribe any FDA approved medication.  We have invested in the most advanced technology that lets us e-prescribe all your medications. That means, your prescriptions should be ready before you arrive at your pharmacy.

Can I use the pharmacy of my choice?

We want you to use the pharmacy of your choice where you get the best service and value. We can e-prescribe to almost any pharmacy including mail order.

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