Tired of Running in a Circle? Medical ADHD Telemedicine by Physicians Now is the Best!

Feel Like Your ADHD Telemedicine Company Is Running You In a Circle?

Medical ADHD Telemedicine by Physicians Now Is Better!

"Can't get anyone on the phone"

"I can't get my medication"

"It takes weeks to get anything done"

"Customer service was horrendous"

"Please report this company to the FTC"

"Impossible to get a reply from support staff or doctors"

Find Out Why We Are The Best ADHD Online Telemedicine Company Against Our Competitors

Our Doctors Make the Difference

Physicians Now Offers Unmatched ADHD Treatment

If you are tired of being run around in a Circle; Medical ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment from Physicians Now is your answer. Our medical team prides themselves on achieving the best outcomes and patient satisfaction.


Treatment Success

95% of patients agree, or strongly agree, that treating their ADHD made a positive overall impact in their lives. 


Patient Satisfaction

95% of our patients rate their overall satisfaction as very good or excellent.


Office Support Staff

92% of patients rated our support staff as very good or excellent

Stop the Circle! Medical ADHD Telemedicine from Physicians Now is 5-Star Rated


As a 5-Star ADHD Online Telemedicine company, we guarantee to provide an accurate diagnosis & treatment using doctors and not nurse practitioners or social works. As a 5-Star ADHD Online Telemedicine company, we guarantee the SAME, live, in-person video exams with your doctor. As a 5-Star ADHD Online Telemedicine company, we guarantee a highly personalized medicine treatment plan and concierge level support via phone, text, and email. Lastly, we promise that you can use the pharmacy of your choice.

Stop the Circle! Medical ADHD Telemedicine from Physicians Now is 5-Star Rated

See an ADHD Doctor Today for Only $249!

then only $149 for followup appointments (no monthly subscription required)


Each patient consult is with a doctor Primarily Nurse practitioners and social workers
Same doctor each visit Switching providers is common
Live, in-person video exams with your doctor Mostly form based check-ins
Personalized medicine treatment plan Follows limited corporate protocols
Concierge Level support (Phone, text, email) Email trouble tickets only
Pay per visit Auto-billed monthly
Membership plans optional Membership plans mandatory
Keep your regular pharmacy and pharmacist May be locked into mail order pharmacy
5 Star Ratings by our clients 3 Star reviews with many horror stories

The Treatment Roadmap

Stop the Circle! Medical ADHD Telemedicine from Physicians Now is 5-Star Rated

1. Create an account, complete medical history, upload identification and schedule your 1st doctor visit

Getting started with diagnosis and treatment is fast and easy.  We’ll guide you every step of the way on your treatment journey.

Cost: Free

2. Initial consult, diagnosis & treatment

Consult, diagnosis and treatment with your doctor (not a PA or NP).  No waiting for that second visit to properly diagnose and treat.


3. Follow up with your doctor at regular intervals

Live, in-person video exams with your doctor to discus treatment progress and adjust medications for best results.


Patient Testimonials

Doctors Always Available

Joie is one of the girls managing communications, scheduling and helps resolve any issues that might arise. She cares so much about people it is easy to see. The doctors will always make themselves available to assist their patients with their needs as well.

"...Super Easy"

I had a good experience with Physicians Now. Dr. Hannum was my doctor, he conducted an online consultation and provided me with an ESA (emotional Support Animal) recommendation letter, thru his assistant. Making an appointment thru their website, providing documents if desired, and having the video call is super easy. I recommend.

"Wonderful Experience"

Thank you Dr Hannum and staff. A wonderful experience and I am finally able to get help. This program makes seeing a doctor easy for someone as busy as me!

Dr. Hannum is great.

Dr. Hannum is great. (period)


Learn more about our service.

How does it all work?

When you make an appointment, you can select the doctor you want to see based on their availability. We will collect some medical history and identification from you prior to your first visit.  When it’s time for your appointment, you can visit with the doctor face to face live online, like FaceTime or Skype but with military grade security to protect your privacy. The experience will be the same as if you were literally sitting in front of the doctor at his/her office.

Can I see the same doctor every time?

We want you to have a great professional bond with your doctor, so barring an urgent situation, we will always schedule follow up consults with your doctor.

What is your fee schedule?

Your first consult is $249 and all follow ups are just $149.  Payments are accepted immediately prior to your consult.  We accept all major credit cards including flexible spending accounts.  

What is the cost?

Traditional, in person psychiatry appointments on average are $400+/hr.

Our initial appointment costs $199. Since our providers review your information and study your medical history ahead of time, it will last only 30 minutes. The initial appointment is meant for listening to you, crafting a treatment plan together, and reviewing your goals. We don’t waste your time.

After the initial appointment, our membership is just $79/mo. The membership includes follow-up appointments, 24/7 access to our care team and convenient online prescription renewals. Even if you don’t require an appointment each month, our providers will still review your medical history and progress with your treatment in order to issue a new prescription.

Treatment costs are not included in these prices. Out of pocket costs for the treatment (without insurance) range from $40-80/mo. With insurance, it would only be the copay amount.

We currently do not accept insurance for appointments, but we do offer out-of-network insurance support.

Which insurance do you accept?

We do not accept insurance at this time, but we can provide a bill and consult report that you may submit for out of network reimbursement.

Can your physicians prescribe medications for me?

Our doctors can prescribe any FDA approved medication.  We have invested in the most advanced technology that lets us e-prescribe all your medications. That means, your prescriptions should be ready before you arrive at your pharmacy.

Can I use the pharmacy of my choice?
We want you to use the pharmacy of your choice where you get the best service and value. We can e-prescribe to almost any pharmacy including mail order.
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