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As technological advancements surge forward, 9 in 10 business leaders find themselves plagued by ‘bytemares’—a term coined to describe stress-induced sleep disturbances stemming from tech-related anxiety. 

Cybersecurity and AI rank as top concerns, with the rapid pace of tech evolution leaving many in a state of worry. According to BT, this anxiety could thwart growth by an estimated £11.79 billion by 2030, prompting the telecom giant to take action during Mental Health Awareness Week.

The pace of tech evolution poses a significant challenge for businesses across sectors, with 88% of leaders citing workplace technology as a source of stress. Concerns about cybersecurity and AI loom large, with data privacy, security, and reliability ranking high on the list of worries.

BT’s research reveals a pervasive sense of unease among directors and executives, with nearly 9 in 10 reporting sleep disruptions due to tech stress. The focus on security and AI underscores the critical need for support as businesses navigate the complex landscape of digital 

These concerns are also standing in the way of progress and tech transformations. BT’s research estimates that 104,000 British businesses could be opting to not invest in new technology this year due to the stress involved with the implementation. 

To address these concerns, BT has enlisted the expertise of former Dragon Sarah Willingham and meditation guru Izzy Judd to launch “The Business Reboot.” This initiative offers a series of guided meditations designed to empower leaders in overcoming tech-related anxieties and embracing the opportunities presented by digital innovation.

“Dealing with change and uncertainty are two of the hardest things about running a business, and I’ve always found meditation really helps with that. It’s an essential part of my every day – without it, I won’t be as present or productive for myself or my team,” said Sarah Willingham, former Dragon.

“With all the tech challenges businesses are facing this year, I want leaders to embrace the power of mindfulness and meditation in their working lives.” 

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Three in five (57%) business leaders already practise meditation at least once a week, and 1 in 10 (11%) do so every day. A third (38%) of those who have never tried it say they would consider it to help with work-related stress.

“Meditation plays an important role in millions of lives across the UK, and is increasingly being used in business to help tackle the stress of life in the fast lane,” said Izzy Judd, host of the BBC’s Music and Meditation Podcast and voice of BT’s Business Reboot series. 

“Just taking a few minutes to step away from the to-do list, connect your body and mind, and reset your priorities, can provide a huge boost to clarity and concentration, while enabling you to feel calmer. That’s what BT’s Business Reboot series is all about.”

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