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Global audiences and animation fans eagerly await Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out 2. With just about a month left before its theatrical debut, the creators were seen sharing details behind the new developments in the highly anticipated sequel to the Academy Award-winning Inside Out.

Soon after the director released Belief Systems in the film, the animation supervisor of the film, Dovi Anderson, shared some of the most interesting details behind developing Anxiety, an all-new emotion in Inside Out 2, set to confuse and create chaos in the lead character Riley’s mind. Read ahead to learn more about this new creation. 

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

More details of developing the new emotion in Inside Out 2

As Anxiety takes control of Riley’s emotional console in Inside Out 2, she explains her plan, saying, “My job is to protect her from the scary stuff she can’t see. I plan for the future. ” The makers also shared that she has a way of thinking several steps ahead in the future, trying to help Riley deal with her teenage emotions.

Animation techniques in Inside Out 2

Furthermore, animation supervisor Dovi Anderson applauded the animators’ efforts to make Anxiety appealing by inculcating impulsive and remorseful gestures. This was achieved by physically playing around with character elements such as twitching, quick head moves, and shaking, adding depth to Anxiety’s character. Anderson mentioned, “This was very much in line with the research provided by the PhD consultants about what is anxiety and how it manifests itself.”



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