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April is Neurodiversity Awareness Month and what better way to celebrate than to cuddle up with a good book! Built By Girls teamed up with Understood.org to come up with a list of books we love.

“How to ADHD: An Insider’s Guide to Working with Your Brain (Not Against It)” by Jessica McCabe

This book is a great resource for people looking to better understand and manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Written by Jessica McCabe, who herself has ADHD and has a YouTube Channel, the book provides practical tips and strategies for overcoming challenges associated with the condition.

“My Busy, Busy Brain: The ABCDs of ADHD, a Resource and Children’s Book about ADHD” by Nicole Russell

Nicole is a young girl with ADHD. She loves going to school. It’s fun and bright, but when asked about her day she has trouble remembering what her teacher taught her. She wants to learn, but she also can’t help but daydream. Through Nicole’s story, readers are taught how to confront issues of inattention, controlling emotions and concentration. Read this to a young child and see the light bulb brighten, along with receiving a bit of a confidence boost.

“Hank Zipzer” by Henry Winkler

Emmy Award Winning actor Henry Winkler was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 31 after his step-son was diagnosed with learning difference. Winkler along with co-author Lin Oliver and illustrator Jesse Joshua Watson created Hank Zipzer a series about “the world’s greatest underachiever” a boy with dyslexia.

“Trout and Me” by Susan Shreve

11-year-old Ben has ADHD and dyslexia. He’s been getting in trouble at school his whole life. Friends and teachers notice but don’t necessarily understand his differences. Then Trout moves to town in fifth grade and joins Ben’s class. Trout often causes a lot of trouble, even more than Ben. The two realize their similarities and become fast friends. But Ben thinks he can help Trout by helping explain to others it’s not him getting into trouble, it’s his ADHD.

“A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD: Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldly, and Break Through Barriers” by Michelle Frand and Sari Solden

Written by two ADHD experts, this book helps women accept and value their differences with the help of strategies, tips and worksheets. Readers will overcome negative self-talk, combat the share of an ADHD diagnosis and connect with a supportive community. This workbook will help women break negative cycles that surround the belief that learning and brain differences are flaws.

Do you think you may suffer from ADHD and live in Florida, California or New York?

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