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On April 20 KST, SM Entertainment released an official statement to announce NCT member Renjun‘s temporary hiatus from promotions.

The label stated on this day,


We notify you regarding NCT member Renjun’s promotions.

Recently, after experiencing a decline in health as well as symptoms of anxiety, Renjun visited the hospital, and the medical experts recommended that he needed rest. 

Concluding that the artist’s health was of the utmost priority, we have decided after much discussion with Renjun that he will focus on his recovery.

As a result, Renjun will not be participating in any upcoming group schedules beginning with the fan sign scheduled for today (April 20). We will notify you again when his condition improves and he is able to consider resuming promotions.

NCT Dream‘s 3rd solo concert, ‘The Dream Show 3 : Dream( )scape‘, scheduled to take place from May 2-4, will proceed with the participation of 6-members. We ask for you understanding.

We would like to apologize to the fans for causing you concerns. We also promise to do all that we can so that Renjun may return and greet fans with a healthy image.

Finally, SM Entertainment is consistently monitoring and pursuing legal action against all malicious activity online including slander, sexual harassment, spread of false rumors, mockery, and defamation of character, committed against our agency artists, including Renjun. We plan to hold all individuals legally accountable with no leniency or settlements, and we vow to continue protecting the rights of our agency’s artists.”

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