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The Jameson’s lawsuit indicates L.J. has spent about 6,000 hours playing Roblox, and has spent a large sum of money to purchase in-game transactions and Robux, which he usually plays on Apple devices.

The lawsuit claims the game was intentionally designed to create such addictions in children, to the point that parents struggle, and often fail, to control their children’s time playing Roblox and similar video games.

This has caused serious mental health and behavioral problems, according to the complaint. L.J. has been diagnosed with depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and video game addiction. He has had to undergo outpatient counseling, medication and specialized education and tutoring.

“Josh Jameson and Tawney Jameson have lost hope in their ability to control L.J.’s game playing time and worry about L.J.’s mental and physical condition when attempting to take games away from L.J.,” the lawsuit states.

Video Game Addiction Lawsuits

According to this and similar  lawsuits filed in recent months, video game addiction, also known as internet gaming disorder, results in individuals putting video gaming as a priority over other activities, causes loss of social function and cognitive decline. This can result in stress, aggressive behavior, loss of impulse control, depression, anxiety, and other behavioral addictions.

It is estimated that about three to six million children and young adults in the U.S. suffer from video game addiction to the point of being non-functioning members of society, the lawsuits claim.

In March, several plaintiffs filed a motion with the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML), requesting the creation of a video game addiction lawsuit MDL (multidistrict litigation) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri for coordinated pretrial proceedings.

The lawsuits target virtually every main game developer in the industry as defendants, particularly those who focus on online gaming. The plaintiffs argue that consolidating the cases as part of a MDL would prevent duplicative discovery and contradictory rulings, and provide convenience to the Court, parties and witnesses, according to the motion.

If the JPML agrees to create a video game addiction MDL, the judge overseeing the litigation would likely schedule a series of early “bellwether” trials to help the parties gauge how juries are likely to respond to certain evidence and testimony that will be repeated throughout the litigation. However, if the lawsuits are not resolved during the MDL proceedings, either through a video game addiction settlement agreement or other ruling, the cases may be transferred back to their originating court for trial.

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