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HIGH POINT, N.C. (WGHP) — Today is Childhood Depression Awareness Day. It’s to help increase awareness about children and depression.

In Mommy Matters, we want to look at five signs that could tell you if your child is depressed.

Being sad or in a bad mood more often

It’s normal for everyone to feel sad or be in a bad mood occasionally. Parents should be concerned when it lasts several days. Children may also say things like “I can’t do anything right.” They may cry more than usual or have a bad temper.

Lack of energy or effort

You may notice your child isn’t trying as hard in school. They may suddenly show no interest in playing sports or going outside with friends.

No longer enjoying normal activities

Depressed children may not want to play, spend time with friends, or they may not even want to watch their favorite TV show.

Changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns

Some kids may have a decreased appetite while other children with depression may overeat. Instead of playing with friends, a depressed child may just want to sleep.

Complaints about feeling sick

A child who’s suffering from depression may complain more about feeling sick or being in pain. They may constantly have a headache or a stomachache. They may begin to miss school more frequently.

It’s important to talk to your child to find out the cause of the depression. It’s also a good idea to schedule a doctor’s visit to rule out any physical problems. Your pediatrician can recommend whether your child would benefit from seeing a therapist.

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