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What You Should Know: 

Stellar Sleep, a provider of digital solutions for chronic insomnia management, announced a significant upgrade to its app today. 

– These new features aim to further empower users to track their sleep patterns and access personalized content designed to improve sleep quality and duration.

Impact of Chronic Insomnia

Chronic insomnia, characterized by sleep issues occurring at least three nights a week for three months or more, affects over 25 million Americans. Unfortunately, for many suffering from this condition, basic sleep hygiene tips like reducing screen time or avoiding caffeine prove insufficient. Chronic insomnia often stems from deeper psychological issues like anxiety, burnout, or depression.

Limited Access to Effective Treatment

The most effective treatment for chronic insomnia, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), tackles the root cause of the problem and helps individuals re-learn healthy sleep patterns. However, access to this type of therapy remains a challenge for many. Wait times for sleep therapists can exceed a year, and insurance coverage is often limited, leaving patients to shoulder the burden of potentially costly out-of-pocket sessions.

Stellar Sleep: A CBT-I Based Solution

Stellar Sleep was founded by individuals who personally struggled with chronic insomnia and the limitations of available resources. This experience fueled their mission to develop an app that delivers evidence-based CBT-I principles, increasing accessibility to effective treatment.

Proven Effectiveness and User-Driven Enhancements

The Stellar Sleep app leverages a proven, psychology-based methodology to break the insomnia cycle. Clinical studies have shown it to be 50% more effective than sleeping pills in improving sleep quality. User data also reveals significant sleep improvements for most users within a five-week period.

The April 2024 update incorporates user feedback and introduces several key features:

  • Extended Daily Program: Building upon its success, Stellar Sleep has expanded its core offering, extending the structured daily CBT-I program from five to ten weeks. This comprehensive approach provides users with a deeper understanding of sleep science and promotes consistent sleep habits.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The update introduces features like the ability to bookmark favorite lessons for easy access, a redesigned sleep center for streamlined sleep logging, and a user-friendly dashboard for comprehensive sleep data visualization.
  • Expanded Content Library: Stellar Sleep has added over 1000 minutes of on-demand content to its library, featuring guided meditations, sleep music, bedtime stories, and breathing exercises.
  • Improved Device Integration: The app now integrates seamlessly with Fitbit and Oura Ring sleep trackers, along with a wider range of smart devices via Apple Health.

Combating Chronic Insomnia Together

With its user-centric approach, Stellar Sleep empowers individuals to take control of their sleep health. To learn more, take a free sleep quiz and sign up for a one-week trial by visiting https://stellarsleep.com.

“I know from personal experience what a devastating impact chronic insomnia can have on a person,” said Wang. “Poor sleep permeates every facet of your life. Stellar Sleep is the app I wish I had three years ago. We’re excited to release these upgraded features, which we think will help expand our impact and help more people get better sleep.”

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