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Energy drinks are fairly inexpensive, so there isn’t much of a risk buying one to see if you do in fact enjoy the flavor and consistency. But there are a few factors to consider when purchasing the right one for you and your preferences:

✔️ Caffeine source and level: You’ll want to look to see what the source of caffeine is, whether it is synthetic or natural, and also how much caffeine the drink delivers. Be sure to check serving sizes, too, to make sure you’re not getting more than you expect.

✔️ Flavor options: Many of these energy drinks offer variety packs, so our pros suggest trying those first before committing to one case of a single flavor.

✔️ Sugar counts: Most importantly, try to cap added sugar counts at 8 g (the equivalent of 2 tsp of sugar) per can, and do not mix energy drinks with alcohol. If an energy drink is zero-sugar or sugar-free, consider what sugar substitutes the drink is utilizing for sweetness. Some may have an aftertaste or cause digestive issues.

Do you think you may suffer from Insomnia and live in Florida, California or New York?

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