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(25News Now) – In the wake of recent severe weather outbreaks, many individuals could be experiencing storm related anxiety and stress.

With severe weather events becoming more frequent both locally and nationally, understanding and managing the emotional impact of these occurrences is increasingly important. The National Weather Service in Lincoln recently conducted a presentation focused on dealing with storm anxiety, emphasizing the importance of advanced preparation, education, and self-awareness.

“The reason why we did this was to bring awareness that storm anxiety is actually quite common and it’s not as rare as everybody tends to think,” Rebekka Cobble, a meteorologist at the National Weather in Lincoln. “A lot of people just suppress it and just not share it with their friends or their family it is more common in children but adults do experience their own form of severe anxiety.”

The NWS plans to conduct similar educational sessions annually, focusing on severe storms in the spring and winter. Additionally, there are plans to produce a version of the initiative in Spanish to reach a wider audience.

They plan on doing this on an annual basis for severe storms in the spring and also for winter storms. They also plans to produce a version in Spanish as well.

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