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On today’s Ellen K Q&A, we asked listeners: THIS soothing activity secretly causes you more anxiety… What is it?

Answer: Bingeing (#2 shopping, #3 listening to white noise)

Each weekday morning at approximately 7:30am PT, you have a chance to play the Ellen K Q&A. It’s simple, Ellen K will ask a question, the first caller with the right answer this week wins a pair of tickets to see “An Evening With John Legend” happening at the Greek Theatre on August 2nd & 3rd!

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Do you think you may suffer from Anxiety and live in Florida, California or New York?

If so, please consider scheduling a proper virtual online ADHD and Anxiety diagnosis with one of our physicians. Although we have an online ADHD and Anxiety diagnosis tool, a proper diagnosis from a Board-Certified Medical Doctor will help you know for sure. If appropriate, a customized treatment program will be recommended at the conclusion of that initial visit.

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