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WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Here’s a look at some of the day’s top health stories.

Medical issues in pregnancy

Women who experience medical issues during pregnancy, such as preterm delivery or preeclampsia, have an elevated risk of death more than 40 years later.

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at more than 2 million women in Sweden.

Those who had one of five adverse outcomes ended up with a higher risk of death from conditions like cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, and diabetes.

New vaccine strategy

A new vaccine strategy may eliminate the guesswork when targeting future strains of viruses including the flu and COVID-19.

Working with mice, scientists at UC Riverside created an RNA-based strategy to target part of a virus that is common in all strains.

Researchers say the vaccine is also safe for babies and the immunocompromised.

Getting enough sleep?

A new poll finds many Americans don’t believe they’re getting enough sleep.

Fifty-seven percent of adults tell Gallup they would feel better if they got more shuteye.

Women under 50 are the group that’s least likely to get enough rest.

The results are a total flip from about a decade ago, when 56% of U.S. adults said they did get the sleep they needed.

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