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As a scientist advancing medical technologies today, I am in constant awe of the science and nature driving innovation. I am also amazed by the simple fact that I am here doing it. It’s hard to reconcile the memory of my seven-year-old self, a scrappy boy who was restless and distracted, unfocused on schoolwork, and unable to figure out why or what to do about it. ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and other diagnoses of learning differences would come later. At a time when I should have been discovering the world around me through a child’s inquisitive eyes and unlimited potential, I felt like an alien, a human anomaly. I was often confused, frustrated and demoralized. It took an exhausting amount of effort to narrow my focus so that information could actually stick.

In the second grade, my teacher labelled me a lost cause and said I needed to repeat the grade. My devoted mom did not lose faith and enrolled me in special after-school tutoring classes. There, for the first time, instead of being badgered to get “right answers” I was asked by the tutors, “How did you think about that?” This question changed my life.

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LIT is out April 9.

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Jeff Karp as a young boy. He struggled in school and almost had to repeat Grade 2.

Do you think you may suffer from ADHD and live in Florida, California or New York?

If so, please consider scheduling a proper virtual online ADHD and Anxiety diagnosis with one of our physicians. Although we have an online ADHD and Anxiety diagnosis tool, a proper diagnosis from a Board-Certified Medical Doctor will help you know for sure. If appropriate, a customized treatment program will be recommended at the conclusion of that initial visit.

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