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A woman has a rare ‘Sleeping Beauty’ condition which sees her snooze every four hours – forcing her to nap in nightclubs and even during her grandma’s funeral. Justice Collins, 28, has to take up to six naps a day due to the rare disorder called narcolepsy – which causes periods of involuntary sleep. She was diagnosed aged 18 after years of struggling to stay awake in school and nodding off during class. Justice would try everything to stay awake including “eating” or “pinching herself” but says nothing could fight off the tiredness. The chronic sleep condition has seen Justice fall asleep in some unusual places including courtside at basketball games and while on a school trip to the former prison Alcatraz Island, San Francisco.

Do you think you may suffer from Sleep Issues and live in Florida, California or New York?

If so, please consider scheduling a proper virtual online Sleep Disorder and Anxiety diagnosis with one of our physicians. Although we have an online ADHD and Anxiety diagnosis tool, a proper diagnosis from a Board-Certified Medical Doctor will help you know for sure. If appropriate, a customized treatment program will be recommended at the conclusion of that initial visit.

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