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Jonathan Scott-Lee and Caitlyn Scott-Lee outside Wycombe AbbeyImage source, Jonathan Scott-Lee
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A private school pupil experienced anxiety and depression for years before she is believed to have killed herself, an inquest heard.

Caitlyn Scott-Lee, 16, was found dead at Wycombe Abbey school in Buckinghamshire on 21 April last year, the day before she was due to have her first detention.

Previously, the inquest at Buckinghamshire Coroner’s Court was told Caitlyn received the detention after alcohol was found in her possession on 19 March.

Two days later, Caitlyn went missing and did not attend an Eton concert she was due to play at, which she described in her journal as her “best cry out of help”.

Caitlyn Scott-Lee smiling in a cafe

Image source, Jonathan Scott-Lee

On Tuesday, Caitlyn’s GP, Dr Jude Joseph Gubral, gave evidence at the inquest.

Caitlyn had attended an appointment with Dr Gubral on 29 March, a week after she went missing.

He said she told him she had experienced anxiety for the past year and a half, and depression for the previous three years.

“Caitlyn believed her anxiety and depression had got worse over the last year,” he said.

“She stated she did have occasional thoughts of suicide and self-harm.”

He said she told him that when she had those thoughts she would talk to friends and the thoughts would pass.

The doctor said he told Caitlyn he would refer her to child and adolescent mental health services.

He said: “I also warned her it may take some time before she hears anything back from them.”

On 21 April, staff at Wycombe Abbey began to search for Caitlyn after she failed to return in time for curfew at her accommodation.

She was then found in a secluded area of the school.

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