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During the fifth trial session for actor Yoo Ah-in (Uhm Hong-sik), who is indicted for habitual drug use, a psychiatrist testified that Yoo was prescribed narcotics due to severe depression symptoms.


The Seoul Central District Court’s 25th Criminal Division (presided by Chief Judge Ji Gwi-yeon) conducted the proceedings on May 14. Yoo and his acquaintance, artist Choi (33), are facing charges under the Narcotics Control Law, including marijuana smoking and incitement, as well as tampering with evidence.

Testifying as a witness, the psychiatrist, Dr. Oh, stated that Yoo had visited his office 46 times over four years, starting from June 29, 2021, to 2024. Dr. Oh recounted, “Yoo had difficulty sleeping, felt chronic depression, and experienced heart palpitations and discomfort when meeting people.” Dr. Oh further detailed, “Yoo talked about wanting to flee from filming sites and had thoughts about death. He expressed feelings of restlessness, anxiety, and lack of concentration, which I recorded in his chart.” He also noted that unlike other celebrities who discuss drug prescriptions and sleep management, Yoo spent one to two hours in consultation expressing his depressive symptoms, which were of a severe nature.


Meanwhile, Yoo denied allegations that he encouraged his acquaintance to use drugs. Speaking to reporters while attending court, Yoo refuted claims that he had recommended marijuana smoking to an acquaintance, stating, “It is not true.”

During the fourth trial last month, a well-known YouTuber and acquaintance of Yoo testified, “Yoo suggested that it was time for me to try smoking marijuana.” Yoo is also charged with administering propofol 180 times from 2020 to 2022 and illegally obtaining sleeping pills under another person’s name on approximately 40 occasions.

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